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DOT Appendix C: Explanation of Definition Trailer
DOT Appendix D: Using DOT for Job Placement

Fabric Normalizer
Fabric Stretcher
Fabric-And-Accessories Estimator
Fabric-Coating Supervisor
Fabric-Lay-Out Worker
Fabric-Machine Operator I
Fabric-Machine Operator II
Fabricator, Artificial Breast
Fabricator, Foam Rubber
Fabricator, Industrial Furnace
Fabricator, Shower Doors And Panels
Fabricator-Assembler, Metal Products
Facilities Planner
Facilities-Flight-Check Pilot
Facility Examiner
Facing Baster, Jumpbasting
Facing-Machine Operator
Factory Helper
Factory Lay-Out Engineer
Faculty Member, College Or University
Faller I
Faller II
Family Practitioner
Fan-Blade Aligner
Fancy-Wire Drawer
Fare-Register Repairer
Farm-Equipment Mechanic I
Farm-Equipment Mechanic II
Farm-Equipment-Mechanic Apprentice
Farm-Machine Operator
Farm-Machine Tender
Farm-Machinery Set-Up Mechanic
Farmer, Cash Grain
Farmer, Diversified Crops
Farmer, Field Crop
Farmer, Fruit Crops, Bush And Vine
Farmer, General
Farmer, Tree-Fruit-And-Nut Crops
Farmer, Vegetable
Farmworker, Bulbs
Farmworker, Dairy
Farmworker, Diversified Crops I
Farmworker, Diversified Crops II
Farmworker, Field Crop I
Farmworker, Field Crop II
Farmworker, Fruit I
Farmworker, Fruit II
Farmworker, General I
Farmworker, General II
Farmworker, Grain I
Farmworker, Grain II
Farmworker, Livestock
Farmworker, Machine
Farmworker, Poultry
Farmworker, Rice
Farmworker, Vegetable I
Farmworker, Vegetable II
Fashion Artist
Fashion Coordinator
Fashion Designer
Fast-Foods Worker
Fastener Technologist
Fastener, Machine
Fastener-Sewing-Machine Operator
Fat-Purification Worker
Feather Mixer
Feather Renovator
Feather Sawyer
Feather Separator
Feather Shaper
Feather Stitcher
Feather Washer
Feather-Curling-Machine Operator
Feather-Cutting-Machine Feeder
Feather-Drying-Machine Operator
Feather-Duster Winder
Featheredger And Reducer, Machine
Federal Aid Coordinator
Feed And Farm Management Adviser
Feed Blender
Feed Grinder
Feed Mixer
Feed Weigher
Feed-In Worker
Feed-Mixer Helper
Feed-Research Aide
Feeder-Catcher, Tobacco
Feeder-Switchboard Operator
Felled-Seam Operator, Chainstitch
Felt Carbonizer
Felt Cutter
Felt Hanger
Felt-Cutting-Machine Operator
Felt-Goods Supervisor, Needle Process
Felt-Hat Steamer
Felt-Strip Finisher
Felt-Tipping-Machine Tender
Felt-Washing-Machine Tender
Felting-Machine Operator
Felting-Machine-Operator Helper
Feltmaker And Weigher
Fence Erector
Fence-Erector Supervisor
Fence-Making Machine Operator
Fermentation Operator
Fermentation Operator
Fermenter Operator
Fermenter, Wine
Ferryboat Captain
Ferryboat Operator
Ferryboat Operator, Cable
Ferryboat-Operator Helper
Fertilizer Mixer
Fiber Technologist
Fiber-Machine Tender
Fiberglass Laminator
Fiberglass-Bonding-Machine Tender
Fiberglass-Container-Winding Operator
Fiberglass-Dowel-Drawing-Machine Operator
Fiberglass-Machine Operator
Field Artillery Crewmember
Field Artillery Operations Specialist
Field Artillery Senior Sergeant
Field Cashier
Field Contractor
Field Engineer
Field Engineer, Specialist
Field Hauler
Field Inspector, Disease And Insect Control
Field Recorder
Field Representative
Field Representative
Field Service Engineer
Field Service Technician
Field Service Technician, Poultry
Field Supervisor, Broadcast
Field Supervisor, Oil-Well Services
Field Supervisor, Seed Production
Field-Assembly Supervisor
Field-Contact Technician
Field-Map Editor
Field-Mechanical-Meter Tester
Field-Ring Assembler
Field-Service Engineer
Field-Service Engineer
Field-Service Representative
Fig Caprifier
Figure Refinisher And Repairer
File Clerk I
File Clerk II
File Cutter
Filer And Sander
Filer, Finish
Filer, Hand, Tool
Filing-And-Polishing Supervisor
Filler Feeder
Filler Mixer
Filler Room Attendant
Filler Shredder, Machine
Filler Spreader
Filler-Block Inserter-Remover
Filler-Shredder Helper
Filling Machine Tender
Filling-And-Stapling-Machine Operator
Filling-Machine Operator
Filling-Machine Operator
Filling-Machine Set-Up Mechanic
Film Developer
Film Flat Inspector
Film Inspector
Film Laboratory Technician
Film Laboratory Technician I
Film Laboratory Technician II
Film Loader
Film Or Videotape Editor
Film Printer
Film Spooler
Film Touch-Up Inspector
Film-Casting Operator
Film-Or-Tape Librarian
Film-Rental Clerk
Film-Replacement Orderer
Film-Vault Supervisor
Filter Changer
Filter Cleaner
Filter Helper
Filter Operator
Filter Operator
Filter Operator
Filter Tender
Filter Tender, Jelly
Filter Washer
Filter Washer And Presser
Filter-Plant Supervisor
Filter-Press Operator
Filter-Press Tender
Filter-Press Tender
Filter-Press Tender, Head
Filter-Screen Cleaner
Filter-Tank Operator
Filter-Tank-Tender Helper, Head
Filtering-Machine Tender
Filtration Operator, Polyethylene Catalyst
Final Assembler
Final Assembler
Final Assembler
Final Finisher, Forging Dies
Final Inspector
Final Inspector
Final Inspector
Final Inspector
Final Inspector
Final Inspector
Final Inspector, Motorcyles
Final Inspector, Movement Assembly
Final Inspector, Paper
Final Inspector, Shuttle
Final Inspector, Truck Trailer
Final Tester
Final-Dressing Cutter
Financial Planner
Financial-Aid Counselor
Financial-Aids Officer
Fine Arts Packer
Finger Cobbler
Finger-Grip-Machine Operator
Fingernail Former
Fingerprint Classifier
Fingerprint Clerk I
Fingerprint Clerk II
Finish Opener, Jewel Hole
Finish Patcher
Finish-Machine Tender
Finished-Stock Inspector
Finisher Operator
Finisher, Brush
Finisher, Denture
Finisher, Fiberglass Boat Parts
Finisher, Hand
Finisher, Hand
Finisher, Hand
Finisher, Machine
Finisher-Card Tender
Finishing Inspector
Finishing Supervisor
Finishing Supervisor, Plastic Sheets
Finishing Trimmer
Finishing-Area Operator
Finishing-Area Supervisor
Finishing-Machine Operator
Finishing-Machine Operator
Finishing-Machine Operator
Fire Assistant
Fire Captain
Fire Chief
Fire Chief's Aide
Fire Fighter
Fire Fighter, Crash, Fire, And Rescue
Fire Inspector
Fire Inspector
Fire Lookout
Fire Marshal
Fire Marshal
Fire Ranger
Fire Warden
Fire-Control Mechanic
Fire-Equipment Inspector
Fire-Equipment-Inspector Helper
Fire-Extinguisher Repairer
Fire-Extinguisher-Sprinkler Inspector
Fire-Fighting-Equipment Specialist
Fire-Hose Curer
Fire-Investigation Lieutenant
Fire-Prevention Research Engineer
Fire-Protection Engineer
Fire-Protection Engineering Technician
Firearms-Assembly Supervisor
Firer Helper
Firer, High Pressure
Firer, Kiln
Firer, Kiln
Firer, Locomotive
Firer, Low Pressure
Firer, Marine
Firer, Retort
Fireworks Assembler
Fireworks Display Specialist
Fireworks Maker
First Helper
First-Aid Attendant
First-Breaker Feeder
Fish And Game Warden
Fish Bailer
Fish Chopper, Gang Knife
Fish Cleaner
Fish Cleaner Machine Tender
Fish Drier
Fish Farmer
Fish Hatchery Worker
Fish Packer
Fish Roe Processor
Fish Roe Technician
Fish Smoker
Fish-Bin Tender
Fish-Cake Maker
Fish-Egg Packer
Fish-Liver Sorter
Fish-Machine Feeder
Fish-Net Stringer
Fish-Stringer Assembler
Fisher, Diving
Fisher, Line
Fisher, Net
Fisher, Pot
Fisher, Spear
Fisher, Terrapin
Fisher, Weir
Fishing Accessories Maker
Fishing-Line-Winding-Machine Operator
Fishing-Lure Assembler
Fishing-Reel Assembler
Fishing-Rod Assembler
Fishing-Rod Marker
Fishing-Tool Technician, Oil Well
Fitter Helper
Fitter I
Fitter II
Fitter, Ventilated Rib
Fittings Finisher
Fixed-Capital Clerk
Fixer, Boarding Room
Fixing-Machine Operator
Fixture Maker
Fixture Repairer-Fabricator
Flake Miller, Wheat And Oats
Flake-Cutter Operator
Flaker Operator
Flaking-Roll Operator
Flame Channeler
Flame Degreaser
Flame-Annealing-Machine Setter
Flame-Hardening-Machine Operator
Flame-Hardening-Machine Setter
Flanging-Roll Operator
Flare Breaker
Flash Ranging Crewmember
Flash-Drier Operator
Flash-Drier Operator
Flasher Adjuster
Flat Clothier
Flat Drier
Flat Polisher
Flat Surfacer, Jewel
Flatcar Whacker
Flatlock-Sewing-Machine Operator
Flatware Maker
Flatwork Finisher
Flatwork Tier
Flavor Extractor
Flavor Room Worker
Flavoring Oil Filterer
Fleece Tier
Flexographic-Press Operator
Flight Attendant, Ramp
Flight Engineer
Flight Operations Specialist
Flight-Crew-Time Clerk
Flight-Information Expediter
Flight-Operations Inspector
Flight-Test Data Acquisition Technician
Floor And Wall Applier, Liquid
Floor Attendant
Floor Attendant
Floor Broker
Floor Layer
Floor Service Worker, Spring
Floor Supervisor, Endless-Belt-Weaving Department
Floor Winder
Floor Worker
Floor Worker
Floor Worker, Well Service
Floor-Covering Layer
Floor-Layer Apprentice
Floor-Space Allocator
Floorworker, Lasting
Floral Designer
Flotation Tender
Flotation-Tender Helper
Flour Blender
Flour Mixer
Flour-Blender Helper
Flower Picker
Flower-Machine Operator
Flower-Pot-Press Operator
Fluid Jet Cutter Operator
Fluid-Power Mechanic
Flumer I
Flumer II
Fluoroscope Operator
Flux Mixer
Flux-Tube Attendant
Fly Tier
Flyer Repairer
Flying-Shear Operator
Foam Charger
Foam Dispenser
Foam-Gun Operator
Foam-Machine Operator
Foiling-Machine Adjuster
Foiling-Machine Operator
Folder, Hand
Folder, Hand
Folder, Machine
Folder-Seamer, Automatic
Folding-Machine Feeder
Folding-Machine Feeder
Folding-Machine Operator
Folding-Machine Operator
Folding-Machine Operator
Folding-Machine Operator
Folding-Machine Operator
Folding-Machine Operator
Folding-Machine Operator
Folding-Machine Operator
Folding-Machine Operator
Folding-Machine Tender
Follow-Up Clerk
Food And Drug Inspector
Food Assembler, Kitchen
Food Checker
Food Mixer
Food Order Expediter
Food Technologist
Food Tester
Food-And-Beverage Checker
Food-And-Beverage Controller
Food-Management Aide
Food-Service Driver
Food-Service Supervisor
Food-Service Worker, Hospital
Foot Straightener
Foot Worker
Foot-Miter Operator
Force-Variation Equipment Tender
Foreign Banknote Teller-Trader
Foreign Clerk
Foreign-Exchange Dealer
Foreign-Exchange-Position Clerk
Foreign-Service Officer
Foreign-Student Adviser
Forepart Laster
Forest Ecologist
Forest Engineer
Forest Nursery Supervisor
Forest Worker
Forest-Fire Fighter
Forest-Products Gatherer
Forester Aide
Forge Helper
Forge-Shop Supervisor
Forge-Shop-Machine Repairer
Forging-Press Operator I
Forging-Press Operator II
Forging-Roll Operator
Form Builder
Form Coverer
Form Designer
Form Maker, Plaster
Form-Grader Operator
Form-Tamper Operator
Formation-Testing Operator
Former Helper, Hand
Former, Hand
Forming-Machine Adjuster
Forming-Machine Operator
Forming-Machine Operator
Forming-Machine Tender
Forming-Machine Upkeep Mechanic
Forming-Machine Upkeep-Mechanic Helper
Forming-Process Worker
Forming-Process-Line Worker
Forming-Roll Operator I
Forming-Roll Operator II
Forms Analyst
Formula Clerk
Formula Weigher
Formula Weigher
Formula-Room Worker
Foster Parent
Foundation Maker
Foundation Maker
Foundation-Drill Operator
Foundry Laborer, Coreroom
Foundry Metallurgist
Foundry Supervisor
Foundry Worker, General
Fountain Pen Turner
Fountain Server
Four-Corner-Stayer-Machine Operator
Four-H Club Agent
Four-Slide-Machine Operator I
Four-Slide-Machine Operator II
Four-Slide-Machine Setter
Fourdrinier-Machine Operator
Foxing Cutter, Hot Knife
Foxing Painter
Foxing-Cutting-Machine Operator, Automatic
Frame Bander
Frame Carver, Spindle
Frame Changer
Frame Feeder
Frame Hand
Frame Repairer
Frame Repairer
Frame Repairer
Frame Straightener
Frame Stripper
Frame Stripper
Frame Trimmer I
Frame Trimmer II
Frame Wirer
Frame-Table Operator
Frame-Table-Operator Helper
Freezer Operator
Freezer Tunnel Operator
Freezing-Machine Operator
Freezing-Room Worker
Freight-Car Cleaner, Delta System
Freight-Loading Supervisor
Freight-Traffic Consultant
Fresh-Work Inspector
Fretted-Instrument Inspector
Fretted-Instrument Maker, Hand
Fretted-Instrument Repairer
Friction-Paint-Machine Tender
Fringing-Machine Operator
Front Maker, Lockstitch
Front-Edge-Tape Sewer, Lockstitch
Front-End Loader Operator
Front-End Mechanic
Front-Sight Attacher
Frothing-Machine Operator
Frozen Pie Maker
Fruit Coordinator
Fruit Cutter
Fruit Distributor
Fruit-Bar Maker
Fruit-Buying Grader
Fruit-Grader Operator
Fruit-Press Operator
Fuel Attendant
Fuel-House Attendant
Fuel-Injection Servicer
Fuel-Oil Clerk
Fuel-System-Maintenance Supervisor
Fuel-System-Maintenance Worker
Fulling-Machine Operator
Fumigator And Sterilizer
Fun-House Operator
Functional Tester, Typewriters
Fund Raiser I
Fund Raiser II
Funeral Attendant
Fur Blender
Fur Blower
Fur Cleaner
Fur Cleaner, Hand
Fur Cleaner, Machine
Fur Cutter
Fur Designer
Fur Dresser
Fur Farmer
Fur Finisher
Fur Glazer
Fur Ironer
Fur Nailer
Fur Plucker
Fur Sorter
Fur Trimmer
Fur-Blower Operator
Fur-Cutting-Machine Operator
Fur-Floor Worker
Fur-Glazing-And-Polishing-Machine Operator
Fur-Machine Operator
Fur-Machine Operator
Fur-Repair Inspector
Fur-Storage Clerk
Furnace Charger
Furnace Cleaner
Furnace Helper
Furnace Helper
Furnace Helper
Furnace Helper
Furnace Installer
Furnace Installer-And-Repairer, Hot Air
Furnace Operator
Furnace Operator
Furnace Operator
Furnace Operator
Furnace Operator
Furnace Operator
Furnace Operator
Furnace Tender
Furnace Worker
Furnace-And-Wash-Equipment Operator
Furnace-Combustion Analyst
Furnace-Installer-And-Repairer Helper, Hot Air
Furnace-Stock Inspector
Furniture Assembler
Furniture Assembler-And-Installer
Furniture Cleaner
Furniture Designer
Furniture Finisher
Furniture Reproducer
Furniture Restorer
Furniture Upholsterer
Furniture-Finisher Apprentice
Furniture-Rental Consultant
Furniture-Upholsterer Apprentice
Fuse Assembler
Fuse Maker
Fuse-Cup Expander
Fusing-Furnace Loader
Fusing-Machine Feeder
Fusing-Machine Tender