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DOT Appendix C: Explanation of Definition Trailer
DOT Appendix D: Using DOT for Job Placement

Machine Assembler
Machine Builder
Machine Cleaner
Machine Feeder
Machine Feeder
Machine Feeder
Machine Feeder, Raw Stock
Machine Fixer
Machine Fixer
Machine Helper
Machine Helper
Machine Helper
Machine Molder
Machine Operator I
Machine Operator II
Machine Operator, Centrifugal-Control Switches
Machine Operator, Ceramics
Machine Operator, General
Machine Repairer, Maintenance
Machine Set-Up Operator
Machine Set-Up Operator, Paper Goods
Machine Setter
Machine Setter
Machine Setter
Machine Setter
Machine Setter
Machine Setter
Machine Setter-And-Repairer
Machine Sneller
Machine Tester
Machine Tester
Machine Try-Out Setter
Machine-Adjuster Leader
Machine-Assembler Supervisor
Machine-Castings Plasterer
Machine-Clothing Replacer
Machine-Made-Shoe Unit Worker
Machine-Pack Assembler
Machine-Shop Supervisor, Production
Machine-Shop Supervisor, Tool
Machine-Stoppage-Frequency Checker
Machine-Tank Operator
Machinery Erector
Machining-And-Assembly Supervisor
Machinist Apprentice
Machinist Apprentice, Automotive
Machinist Apprentice, Composing Room
Machinist Apprentice, Linotype
Machinist Apprentice, Marine Engine
Machinist Apprentice, Outside
Machinist Apprentice, Wood
Machinist Helper, Outside
Machinist Supervisor, Outside
Machinist, Automotive
Machinist, Experimental
Machinist, Linotype
Machinist, Marine Engine
Machinist, Motion-Picture Equipment
Machinist, Outside
Machinist, Wood
Magazine Keeper
Magazine Repairer
Magazine Supervisor
Magnesium-Mill Operator
Magnet-Valve Assembler
Magnetic-Tape Winder
Magnetic-Tape-Composer Operator
Magneto Repairer
Mail Carrier
Mail Censor
Mail Clerk
Mail Handler
Mail-Distribution-Scheme Examiner
Mail-Processing-Equipment Mechanic
Mailer Apprentice
Mailing-Machine Operator
Mailroom Supervisor
Mailroom Supervisor
Mains-And-Service Supervisor
Mainspring Former, Arbor End
Mainspring Former, Brace End
Mainspring Winder And Oiler
Maintainability Engineer
Maintenance Data Analyst
Maintenance Inspector
Maintenance Machinist
Maintenance Mechanic
Maintenance Mechanic
Maintenance Mechanic
Maintenance Mechanic
Maintenance Mechanic Helper
Maintenance Mechanic, Compressed-Gas Plant
Maintenance Mechanic, Engine
Maintenance Mechanic, Telephone
Maintenance Repairer, Building
Maintenance Repairer, Industrial
Maintenance Supervisor
Maintenance Supervisor
Maintenance Supervisor, Fire-Fighting-Equipment
Maintenance Supervisor, Mobile Battery Equipment
Maintenance Worker, Municipal
Maintenance-Mechanic Helper
Maintenance-Mechanic Supervisor
Maintenance-Repairer Helper, Industrial
Major-Assembly Inspector
Make-Up Arranger
Make-Up Artist
Make-Up Operator
Make-Up Operator Helper
Making-Line Worker
Malt Roaster
Malt-House Operator
Malt-Specifications-Control Assistant
Management Aide
Management Analyst
Management Trainee
Manager, Advertising
Manager, Advertising
Manager, Advertising Agency
Manager, Aerial Planting And Cultivation
Manager, Agricultural-Labor Camp
Manager, Airport
Manager, Animal Shelter
Manager, Apartment House
Manager, Aquatic Facility
Manager, Area Development
Manager, Armored Transport Service
Manager, Athlete
Manager, Auto Specialty Services
Manager, Automobile Service Station
Manager, Automotive Services
Manager, Bakery
Manager, Barber Or Beauty Shop
Manager, Benefits
Manager, Boarding House
Manager, Bowling Alley
Manager, Branch
Manager, Branch Operation Evaluation
Manager, Branch Store
Manager, Brokerage Office
Manager, Bulk Plant
Manager, Bus Transportation
Manager, Camp
Manager, Camp
Manager, Car Inspection And Repair
Manager, Cardroom
Manager, Cargo-And-Ramp-Services
Manager, Casino
Manager, Cemetery
Manager, Christmas-Tree Farm
Manager, Circulation
Manager, City
Manager, Communications Station
Manager, Compensation
Manager, Computer Operations
Manager, Contracts
Manager, Convention
Manager, Credit And Collection
Manager, Customer Service
Manager, Customer Services
Manager, Customer Technical Services
Manager, Dairy Farm
Manager, Dance Studio
Manager, Data Processing
Manager, Dental Laboratory
Manager, Department
Manager, Department
Manager, Department Store
Manager, Display
Manager, Distribution Warehouse
Manager, Dude Ranch
Manager, Education And Training
Manager, Employee Welfare
Manager, Employment
Manager, Employment Agency
Manager, Exchange Floor
Manager, Export
Manager, Fast Food Services
Manager, Field Party, Geophysical Prospecting
Manager, Financial Institution
Manager, Fish Hatchery
Manager, Fish-And-Game Club
Manager, Flight Control
Manager, Flight Kitchen
Manager, Flight Operations
Manager, Flight-Reservations
Manager, Food Concession
Manager, Food Processing Plant
Manager, Food Service
Manager, Forms Analysis
Manager, Front Office
Manager, Game Breeding Farm
Manager, Game Preserve
Manager, Golf Club
Manager, Gun Club
Manager, Handicraft-Or-Hobby Shop
Manager, Harbor Department
Manager, Health Club
Manager, Hotel Or Motel
Manager, Hotel Recreational Facilities
Manager, Housing Project
Manager, Industrial Cafeteria
Manager, Industrial Organization
Manager, Insurance Office
Manager, Internal Security
Manager, Irrigation District
Manager, Labor Relations
Manager, Land Development
Manager, Land Leases-And-Rentals
Manager, Land Surveying
Manager, Laundromat
Manager, Leasing
Manager, Liquor Establishment
Manager, Lodging Facilities
Manager, Machinery-Or-Equipment, Rental And Leasing
Manager, Marina Dry Dock
Manager, Marine Service
Manager, Market
Manager, Meat Sales And Storage
Manager, Merchandise
Manager, Mutuel Department
Manager, Nursery
Manager, Office
Manager, Office
Manager, Operations
Manager, Orchard
Manager, Parts
Manager, Personnel
Manager, Pool
Manager, Poultry Hatchery
Manager, Procurement Services
Manager, Production
Manager, Production, Seed Corn
Manager, Professional Equipment Sales-And-Service
Manager, Promotion
Manager, Property
Manager, Quality Control
Manager, Real-Estate Firm
Manager, Records Analysis
Manager, Recreation Establishment
Manager, Recreation Facility
Manager, Regional
Manager, Regulated Program
Manager, Reports Analysis
Manager, Reservations
Manager, Retail Store
Manager, Sales
Manager, Sales
Manager, Schedule Planning
Manager, Service Department
Manager, Skating Rink
Manager, Solid-Waste-Disposal
Manager, Sound Effects
Manager, Stage
Manager, Station
Manager, Station
Manager, Storage Garage
Manager, Telegraph Office
Manager, Textile Conversion
Manager, Theater
Manager, Title Search
Manager, Tobacco Warehouse
Manager, Touring Production
Manager, Traffic
Manager, Traffic
Manager, Traffic
Manager, Traffic I
Manager, Traffic I
Manager, Traffic II
Manager, Traffic II
Manager, Travel Agency
Manager, Truck Terminal
Manager, Utility Sales And Service
Manager, Vehicle Leasing And Rental
Manager, Warehouse
Manager, Winter Sports
Manager, World Trade And Maritime Division
Mangle Tender
Mangle-Press Catcher
Manipulator Operator
Mannequin Mounter
Mannequin Sander And Finisher
Mannequin Wig Maker
Mannequin-Mold Maker
Manometer Technician
Manual Winder
Manual-Arts Therapist
Manual-Plate Filler
Manufacturer's Representative
Manufacturer's Service Representative
Manufacturing Engineer
Map Clerk
Map-And-Chart Mounter
Maple-Syrup Maker
Marble Finisher
Marble Setter
Marble-Machine Tender
Margin Clerk I
Margin Clerk II
Marine Engineer
Marine Oiler
Marine Railway Operator
Marine Surveyor
Marine-Cargo Surveyor
Marine-Services Technician
Mark-Up Designer
Marker I
Marker II
Marker Machine Attendant
Marker, Company
Marker, Hand
Marker, Machine
Marker, Semiconductor Wafers
Market-Research Analyst I
Marking Stitcher
Marking-Machine Operator
Marking-Machine Operator
Marking-Machine Tender
Marksmanship Instructor
Marquetry Worker
Mash Grinder
Mash-Filter Operator
Mash-Filter-Cloth Changer
Mash-Tub-Cooker Operator
Masking-Machine Feeder
Masking-Machine Operator
Master Control Operator
Master, Passenger Barge
Master, Riverboat
Master, Ship
Master, Yacht
Mat Cutter
Mat Inspector
Mat Packer
Mat Puncher
Mat Repairer
Mat Sewer
Mat Tester
Mat-Machine Operator
Mat-Making Machine Tender
Match-Up Worker
Matchbook Assembler
Matcher, Leather Parts
Mate, Fishing Vessel
Mate, Ship
Material Assembler
Material Assembler
Material Clerk
Material Coordinator
Material Expediter
Material Handler
Material Inspector
Material Lister
Material Mixer
Material Preparation Worker
Material Scheduler
Material-Crew Supervisor
Material-Handling Supervisor
Materials Engineer
Materials Scientist
Mathematical Technician
Matrix Inspector
Matrix Plater
Matrix Worker
Matrix-Bath Attendant
Matrix-Drier Tender
Matting-Press Tender
Mattress Finisher
Mattress Maker
Mattress Stripper
Mattress-Filling-Machine Tender
Mattress-Spring Encaser
Maturity Checker
Meal-Grinder Tender
Measuring-Machine Operator
Meat Blender
Meat Clerk
Meat Cutter
Meat Dresser
Meat Grinder
Meat-Cutter Apprentice
Meat-Grading-Machine Operator
Mechanic, Endless Track Vehicle
Mechanic, Industrial Truck
Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical Inspector
Mechanical Oxidizer
Mechanical Research Engineer
Mechanical Technician, Laboratory
Mechanical-Design Engineer, Facilities
Mechanical-Design Engineer, Products
Mechanical-Engineering Technician
Mechanical-Maintenance Supervisor
Mechanical-Shovel Operator
Mechanical-Test Technician
Mechanical-Unit Repairer
Mechanism Assembler
Media Clerk
Media Director
Media Specialist, School Library
Medical Assistant
Medical Coordinator, Pesticide Use
Medical Physicist
Medical Radiation Dosimetrist
Medical Record Technician
Medical Secretary
Medical Technologist
Medical Technologist, Chief
Medical Technologist, Teaching Supervisor
Medical-Equipment Repairer
Medical-Laboratory Technician
Medical-Record Administrator
Medical-Record Clerk
Medical-Service Technician
Medical-Voucher Clerk
Mellowing-Machine Operator
Melt-House Drag Operator
Melter Clerk
Melter Operator
Melter Supervisor
Membership Director
Membership Secretary
Membership Solicitor
Memorial Designer
Mender, Knit Goods
Mental-Retardation Aide
Merchandise Distributor
Merchant Patroller
Mercury Purifier
Mercury Washer
Mercury-Cracking Tester
Mesh Cutter
Mess Attendant
Messenger, Copy
Metal Control Worker
Metal Fabricator
Metal Fabricator Helper
Metal Finisher
Metal Hanger
Metal Sander And Finisher
Metal Sprayer, Corrosion Prevention
Metal Sprayer, Machined Parts
Metal Sprayer, Production
Metal-Bed Assembler
Metal-Bonding Crib Attendant
Metal-Bonding Press Operator
Metal-Cleaner, Immersion
Metal-Control Coordinator
Metal-Fabricating-Shop Helper
Metal-Fabricator Apprentice
Metal-Finish Inspector
Metal-Finish Inspector
Metal-Reed Tuner
Metal-Sponge-Making-Machine Operator
Metal-Spraying-Machine Operator, Automatic I
Metal-Spraying-Machine Operator, Automatic II
Metal-Washing-Machine Operator
Metallic-Yarn-Slitting-Machine Operator
Metallization Equipment Tender, Semiconductors
Metallurgical Technician
Metallurgist, Extractive
Metallurgist, Physical
Meteorological-Equipment Repairer
Meter Inspector
Meter Reader
Meter Reader, Chief
Meter Repairer
Meter-Repairer Helper
Mexican Food Maker, Hand
Mexican-Food-Machine Tender
Mica Inspector
Mica Patcher
Mica Sizer
Mica Splitter
Mica-Laminating-Machine Feeder
Mica-Plate Layer
Mica-Plate Layer, Hand
Mica-Washer Gluer
Microbiology Technologist
Microcomputer Support Specialist
Microelectronics Technician
Microfiche Duplicator
Microfilm Mounter
Microfilm Processor
Microfilm-Camera Operator
Microphone-Boom Operator
Middle-Card Tender
Migrant Leader
Milk Driver
Milk Receiver
Milk Sampler
Milk-Powder Grinder
Milk-Receiver, Tank Truck
Milker, Machine
Milking-System Installer
Mill Attendant I
Mill Attendant II
Mill Feeder
Mill Hand, Plate Mill
Mill Helper
Mill Operator
Mill Operator
Mill Operator
Mill Operator, Rolls
Mill Platform Supervisor
Mill Recorder, Computerized Mill
Mill Stenciler
Mill Supervisor
Mill Supervisor
Mill-And-Coal-Transport Operator
Mill-Labor Supervisor
Mill-Operator Helper
Mill-Roll Rewinder
Milled-Rubber Tender
Miller Helper, Distillery
Miller I
Miller II
Miller Supervisor
Miller, Distillery
Miller, Head, Assistant, Wet Process
Miller, Head, Wet Process
Miller, Wet Process
Miller, Wood Flour
Milling Supervisor
Milling-Machine Set-Up Operator I
Milling-Machine Set-Up Operator II
Milling-Machine Set-Up Operator, Numerical Control
Milling-Machine Tender
Millwright Apprentice
Millwright Helper
Millwright Supervisor
Mincemeat Maker
Mine Inspector
Mine Superintendent
Mine-Car Repairer
Miner I
Miner, Placer
Mingler Operator
Miniature-Set Constructor
Mining Engineer
Mirror Installer
Mirror Specialist
Mirror-Finishing-Machine Operator
Mirror-Machine Feeder
Missile Facilities Repairer
Miter Grinder Operator
Mix-Crusher Operator
Mix-House Tender
Mixer Helper
Mixer Helper
Mixer I
Mixer I
Mixer II
Mixer II
Mixer Operator
Mixer Operator
Mixer Operator
Mixer Operator
Mixer Operator Helper, Hot Metal
Mixer Operator I
Mixer Operator II
Mixer Operator, Carbon Paste
Mixer Operator, Hot Metal
Mixer Operator, Snack Foods
Mixer Tender, Board
Mixer, Chili Powder
Mixer, Diamond Powder
Mixer, Dry-Food Products
Mixer, Foam Rubber
Mixer, Wet Pour
Mixer, Whipped Topping
Mixing Supervisor
Mixing-Machine Feeder
Mixing-Machine Operator
Mixing-Machine Operator
Mixing-Machine Operator
Mixing-Machine Operator
Mixing-Machine Operator
Mixing-Machine Tender
Mixing-Machine Tender
Mixing-Roll Operator
Mixing-Tank Operator
Mobile-Home-Lot Utility Worker
Mobile-Lounge Driver
Mock-Up Builder
Mock-Up Builder
Model Builder
Model Maker
Model Maker
Model Maker
Model Maker
Model Maker
Model Maker I
Model Maker I
Model Maker II
Model Maker, Fiberglass
Model Maker, Firearms
Model Maker, Fluorescent Lighting
Model Maker, Scale
Model Maker, Wood
Model, Artists'
Model, Photographers'
Model-And-Mold Maker
Model-And-Mold Maker, Plaster
Model-Maker Apprentice
Moisture Tester
Moisture-Conditioner Operator
Moisture-Machine Tender
Moisture-Meter Operator
Molasses And Caramel Operator
Molasses Preparer
Mold Cleaner
Mold Cleaner
Mold Closer
Mold Dresser
Mold Filler
Mold Filler And Drainer
Mold Filler, Plastic Dolls
Mold Finisher
Mold Laminator
Mold Maker
Mold Maker
Mold Maker
Mold Maker I
Mold Maker II
Mold Maker, Die-Casting And Plastic Molding
Mold Maker, Terra Cotta
Mold Operator
Mold Parter
Mold Polisher
Mold Preparer
Mold Presser
Mold Setter
Mold Setter
Mold Sheet Cleaner
Mold Stamper
Mold Stamper And Repairer
Mold Stripper
Mold Worker
Mold-Filling Operator
Mold-Insert Changer
Mold-Maker Apprentice
Mold-Maker Helper
Mold-Maker Helper
Molded-Parts Inspector
Molded-Rubber-Goods Cutter
Molder Apprentice
Molder Helper
Molder Operator
Molder, Automobile Carpets
Molder, Bench
Molder, Fiberglass Luggage
Molder, Foam Rubber
Molder, Hand
Molder, Inflated Ball
Molder, Labels
Molder, Lead Ingot
Molder, Machine
Molder, Meat
Molder, Pattern
Molder, Pipe Covering
Molder, Punch
Molder, Shoe Parts
Molder, Shoulder Pad
Molder, Sweep
Molder, Toilet Products
Molder, Wax
Molder, Wax Ball
Molder-Machine Tender
Molding Cutter
Molding Sander
Molding Supervisor
Molding-Machine Operator
Molding-Machine Operator
Molding-Machine Tender
Molding-Machine Tender
Molding-Machine-Operator Helper
Molybdenum-Steamer Operator
Money Counter
Monitor Car Operator
Monitor-And-Storage-Bin Tender
Monogram-And-Letter Paster
Monomer-Purification Operator
Monorail Crane Operator
Monotype-Keyboard Operator
Monument Setter
Mop Maker
Mop-Handle Assembler
Mophead Trimmer-And-Wrapper
Morgue Attendant
Mortgage Clerk
Mortgage Loan Closer
Mortgage Loan Processor
Mortgage-Accounting Clerk
Mortgage-Closing Clerk
Mortgage-Loan-Computation Clerk
Mortician Investigator
Mortising-Machine Operator
Mortuary Beautician
Mosaic Worker
Mosquito Sprayer
Mother Repairer
Motion-Picture Projectionist
Motor Operator
Motor Polarizer
Motor-And-Generator-Brush Maker
Motor-Grader Operator
Motor-Power Connector
Motor-Room Controller
Motor-Vehicle-Light Assembler
Motorboat Mechanic
Motorboat Operator
Motorboat-Mechanic Helper
Motorcycle Assembler
Motorcycle Racer
Motorcycle Repairer
Motorcycle Subassembler
Motorcycle Subassembly Repairer
Motorcycle Tester
Mottle-Lay-Up Operator
Mottler Operator
Mottler-Machine Feeder
Mounter I
Mounter II
Mounter, Automatic
Mounter, Clock And Watch Hands
Mounter, Hand
Mounter, Hand
Mounter, Smoking Pipe
Mouthpiece Maker
Mucking-Machine Operator
Mud Boss
Mud-Mill Tender
Mud-Mixer Helper
Mud-Mixer Operator
Mud-Plant Operator
Muffler Installer
Multi-Operation-Forming-Machine Operator I
Multi-Operation-Forming-Machine Operator II
Multi-Operation-Forming-Machine Setter
Multi-Operation-Machine Operator
Multi-Purpose Machine Operator
Multifocal-Lens Assembler
Multineedle-Chainstitch-Machine Operator
Multiple-Drum Sander
Multiple-Drum-Sander Helper
Munitions Handler
Museum Attendant
Museum Technician
Music Copyist
Music Engraver
Music Grapher
Music Librarian
Music Librarian, International Broadcast
Music Supervisor
Music Therapist
Musical-String Maker
Musician, Instrumental
Mva-Reactor Operator
Mva-Reactor Operator, Head