Questions for Congressman John Larson

  • The rationale for the resolution purporting to authorize the military occupation of Iraq was based on false and misleading statements by the president. Isn’t lying to Congress a felony?
  • Executive branch officials are holding prisoners without access to legal process. Isn’t this kidnapping?
  • Executive branch officials conducted warrantless wiretapping of Americans. Isn’t this a felony under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act?
  • Executive branch officials interfered in federal prosecutions, removed federal prosecutors for noncompliance with political demands, and committed perjury before congress when asked to remember critical facts relevant to the prosecutors’ removal. Doesn’t this amount to obstruction of justice?
  • The president has defied subpoenas duly issued by Congress. Isn’t it the duty of Congress to enforce its subpoenas with a contempt citation and to enforce that citation by appropriate legal means?
  • Executive branch officials, military and civilian, have tortured prisoners during interrogation. Isn’t this felonious conduct under federal law?
  • The president has issued “signing statements” authorizing or directing federal employees to violate selected provisions of duly enacted laws. Isn’t this contrary to his constitutional oath to see that the laws are faithfully executed?
  • Officials of the executive branch maintain contracts with armed civilians that purport to authorize the killing of other civilians. Isn’t this a violation of the laws prohibiting homicide?
  • As commander-in-chief, the president has permitted the misdirection of billions in cash and government property and has failed to equip soldiers properly. Other than mutiny, isn’t Congress the sole check on criminal malfeasance by the commander-in-chief?
  • Aren’t you and the other members of the House of Representatives the only people in America who can hold the president accountable for these crimes and isn’t it your responsibility to do that, regardless of the political consequences?
  • If you fail to hold the president accountable, aren’t you setting a precedent for future presidents and future congresses not to hold the executive accountable for high crimes?
  • Aren’t you concerned that your failure to act will be seen as a deliberate step in the creation of a presidency that is no longer subject to the rule of law?

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