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Kettle Tender

DOT Code: 869.685-010

Industry: construction
Alternate Titles: burner; dope firer; dope heater; furnace tender; heater worker

Tends portable kettle that heats tar, asphalt, lead, or sealing compound for use as protective coating for pipelines, roofs, and pavement: Cuts asphalt, tar, or other corrosion-resistant compound into pieces with ax and places pieces in kettle. Maintains fire under kettle to bring materials to required temperature, judging heat from appearance of materials and gauges on kettle. May remove adhering asphalt from rakes or tamping irons by heating them or by use of fuel oil. May be designated according to material heated as Leadite Heater (construction); Tar Heater (construction).

GOE: 05.12.10 STRENGTH: M GED: R1 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77