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Knitting-Machine Operator Helper

DOT Code: 685.686-014

Industry: knitting
Alternate Titles: knitter helper

Assists Knitting-Machine Operator (knitting) to knit cloth: Creels machines and ties yarn ends from each supply cone to yarn ends on exhausted cones. Cuts knitted cloth with shears and doffs cloth rolls from machines. Trucks cloth rolls from knitting area. Replaces broken knitting machine needles, using needle pliers, wrench, and screwdriver. Cleans machine and work area, using airhose, rags, and brooms and performs other duties described under Helper (any industry) Master Title. May be designated according to worker assisted as Circular-Knitter Helper (knitting); Flat-Knitter Helper (knitting); Tie-Knitter Helper (knitting); Warp-Knitter Helper (knitting).

GOE: 06.04.06 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77