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Knitter, Full-Fashioned Garment

DOT Code: 685.665-010

Industry: knitting
Alternate Titles: transfer knitter

Tends knitting machine that increases and decreases stitches at designated places to knit shaped garment parts onto ribbed cuffs or waist bands: Creels machine and threads yarn through guides, stop-motion devices, and yarn carriers, using hook. Positions transfer bar containing several ribbed parts over needle bed of machine, pushes stitches from transfer points onto machine needles and removes transfer bar. Pulls one ribbed part up to needle eyes and attaches outer edge of rib to hooked bar of takeup roll. Starts machine that automatically increases stitches to knit garment part. Turns handle or presses pedal, when machine automatically stops, to activate narrowing fingers that cause needles to decrease stitches to shape portions, such as shoulders and neck. Replaces defective needles, using pliers. Notifies Knitting-Machine Fixer (knitting) of machine malfunction.

GOE: 06.04.06 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 4 DLU: 77