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Kiln Placer

DOT Code: 573.686-026

Industry: pottery & porc.
Alternate Titles: kiln setter; sagger filler; setter-in

Places greenware and glazed ware on kiln conveyor for firing: Arranges ware on metal or firebrick slab, using kiln furniture, such as saggers and setter pins, to separate and support ware during firing cycle. Places pyrometric cones, that bend at predetermined temperatures and indicate when desired heat in kiln is reached, on top of ware load. Turns handwheel to move hydraulic ram into contact with slab to convey ware load through kiln. Closes door of kiln. May be designated according to type of kiln loaded as Bisque-Kiln Placer (pottery & porc.); Glost-Kiln Placer (pottery & porc.).

GOE: 06.04.17 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 81