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Kiln Burner

DOT Code: 573.682-010

Industry: brick & tile
Alternate Titles: baker; burner

Controls periodic, field, or retort kilns to bake clay products, such as brick, sewer pipe, clay refractories, and roofing tile: Opens fuel valves and lights gas or oil fire, using oil-soaked stick. Seals kiln door with bricks and daubs brick with clay to prevent loss of heat, using trowel. Observes thermometer and action of pyrometric cones through peepholes, or removes object from kiln with tongs and examines object to determine rate of burning. Turns gas or oil valves and dampers to adjust rate of burning or baking of objects. Closes fuel valves and fireboxes, opens kiln-crown holes, and installs fans to cool objects. May be designated according to type of kiln operated as Dry-Kiln Burner (brick & tile); Field-Kiln Burner (brick & tile); Retort-Kiln Burner (brick & tile); or according to product burned as Brick-Kiln Burner (brick & tile); Roofing-Tile Burner (brick & tile).

GOE: 06.04.17 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 5 DLU: 77