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Kettle Tender

DOT Code: 526.665-014

Industry: beverage

Tends brewing kettle that boils wort and hops preparatory to making beer: Opens valve and starts pump to transfer wort from filter tank to brewing kettle, or signals Mash-Filter Operator (beverage) to pump wort from filter tank into brewing kettle. Turns valve to admit steam into kettle steam jacket to boil wort. Dumps hops into boiling wort. Observes dials and gauges and adjusts controls to maintain specified pressure and temperature. Tests sample of wort from kettle for specific gravity, using hydrometer. Signals Hop Strainer (beverage) or opens valve and starts pump to transfer unfiltered beer into hop-straining tank. Tallies and records barrels of wort processed. Cleans and rinses kettle, using high-pressure water hose.

GOE: 06.04.15 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77