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Kettle Operator

DOT Code: 522.682-010

Industry: beverage

Controls equipment to cook grain mash and boil resulting liquor (wort) with hops to flavor it preparatory to fermentation, following written or oral specifications: Mixes and cooks specified amounts of malt, corn, and rice in water, maintaining temperatures for designated periods of time. Turns valves to transfer mash to lautertub to strain and extract wort, and to control flow of wort from lautertub to brew kettle. Adds specified amounts of hops to wort in brew kettle and cooks mixture [Kettle Tender (beverage)]. Drains wort through hop-extractor into hot-wort tank and starts pump to transfer wort to cooler. May add hop extract to mixture in brew kettle.

GOE: 06.02.15 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 4 DLU: 77