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Kennel Manager, Dog Track

DOT Code: 349.367-010

Industry: amuse. & rec.

Verifies credentials and starting position of dogs in races and guards dogs against injury and illegal acts: Verifies credentials of each dog entered in race, comparing color, name, and sex of dog and name of owner with information on racing form. Ensures that dogs are admitted to assigned stalls, notifying other workers to round up designated dogs in advance of each race. Guards dogs to prevent persons from injuring them or attempting illegally to influence dog's performance. Notifies owner or veterinary personnel in cases of injury or suspected illness. Notifies track officials of irregularities as required by racing regulations. May clean racing stalls after each race, using disinfectant solution.

GOE: 12.01.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M1 L2 SVP: 6 DLU: 77