Guillotine Kit
Because you might just need one
Erect one on your town green. You may never have to raise the blade.
Comes with six beautiful, handmade baskets from Guatemala, suitable for burial or cremation
Constructed entirely from recycled materials
Frame made out of window sash from abandoned public buildings. Blade out of surplus plowshares from formerly fertile desert places. . . .

In these days of official lawlessness, it's hard enough to achieve justice, and many people have already compiled their personal lists of public officials, "journalists," religious zealots, celebrities, and racketeers. Now you can get together in groups and consolidate your lists of candidates to go "under the blade" when the time comes. Organize a coalition of groups into a mob. There'll be heads (of cabbage, perhaps) on pikes and torchlight in the streets. It won't be fun. Justice is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.

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