Welcome Back, CongressmanSeptember 5th, 2007

Hope you had a rotten vacation. I was too broke and too idle to take any serious time off from my moribund business. I spent most of August grieving for the tortured, the displaced, the unemployed, the indebted, the illiterate, the sick, the hungry, the imprisoned, and the other victims of malfeasant government. On our watch, yours and mine.I hope (vainly, as I learn again and again) that I’m discharging my duty as a citizen by telling you your duty as my representative. If you’re doing your job, you’re compiling an agenda. If these items aren’t near the top, you still have some work to do:

  • Impeach the president and vice president
  • Take our soldiers out of harm’s way
  • Recompense the victims of our government’s wanton destruction of New Orleans
  • Ask unanswered questions about what happened on 9/11/2001
  • End torture and punish torturers
  • Free prisoners who are held without legal process
  • Prosecute conspirators in the political corruption of U.S. attorneys
  • Clean your own house and repudiate corrupt congressmen, like Lewis, and corrupt practices, like “earmarking”
  • Assess the damage done by the past few Congresses (including this one) and devise a strategy to reverse it
  • Announce that you’re quitting after this term as a duty of honor and your acknowledgement that we need to begin anew.

My agenda goes on, but those are my top ten.