Dear CongressmanJanuary 21st, 2009

I sent this letter to my member:

You co-sponsored a House resolution endorsing Israel’s attack on Gaza. It appears now that you sanctioned crimes against humanity, and you owe the people of the First District and the people of the world an apology for this ill-conceived resolution.

There is no question that the Israeli army intentionally attacked civilians. Israeli tanks, helicopters and bulldozers destroyed houses with people in them. Guided missiles incinerated civilian neighborhoods. Snipers trained their rifles on rescuers and witnesses. Schools, hospitals, mosques and other places of refuge were specifically targeted. Hundreds of children died in Gaza. There were no child casualties on the Israeli side and only 13 Jewish deaths altogether, several as a result of misdirected Israeli bullets. It was a reign of terror, executed under the approving eye of the US Congress.

Instead of pandering to special interests with hypocritical resolutions, you should be convening hearings to determine whether our government should promptly withdraw material support for the violent regime that now rules Israel.