Congress to Legalize Bank RobberyOctober 3rd, 2008

Bank robbery, generally understood as a crime committed against the banker, takes on new meaning under the legislation that is expected to pass the House today. The bill allows bankers to rob the national treasury to make up for gambling losses incurred by a few of them over the last couple of years.

The bank thugs didn’t hold a gun to the Congress, but they did the next best thing. They threatened the government of the United States with the immediate termination of further credit if the people failed to fork over a sum equal to the yearly earnings of 30 million workers. Just as a kidnaper cuts off his victim’s finger and sends it to the anxious relatives, the bankers cut off the credit of small business first, to show they’re serious.

Our leaders like to say that they don’t negotiate with terrorists, and they didn’t negotiate in this case. They simply agreed to pay the ransom. As often happens in such cases, capitulation is no guarantee that the bankers will liberate our abducted economy, and my congressman John Larson, who voted to pay the terrorists, shouldn’t be surprised to find the economy decomposing in a shallow grave soon after the election.