Wake Up, Dennis!August 27th, 2008

“Wake up, America!” says Dennis Kucinich to a packed convention hall as he pleads for peace, justice and principle. Wake up, Dennis! Open your eyes, and you must discern a bought crowd and a bought party.

Wake up, Dennis, and ask yourself what these Democrats are all so happy about. They should be standing in silence in observance of the sorry state of our country. They choose the nation’s leaders, and they have nothing to celebrate. They should be plotting a solution to the mess we’ve got ourselves into, but they’re patting themselves on the back. You won’t hear a word from them about our bombing of civilians in other countries, about the catastrophe that looms unless we stop burning fuel, about the debt our grandchildren will have to bear because of our foolish national adventures, or about anything except how to win.

Wake up, Dennis, and you’ll observe that this ain’t the salt of the earth you’re talking to. This party courts the same interests as the other party. “Who’s paying for this convention?” you might well ask when you wake up. This party coddles a “faction” that sides with the other party on critical issues, to ensure that the policy of the other party, and the policy of the rich patrons who are paying for both conventions, is the policy of the nation.

Wake up, Dennis, and you might hear the catch in the voice of the self-described “progressives” dotting the audience. I heard some left-wing radio personalities gloating over their presence at the convention. A couple of well-placed members of Congress had talked to them, and they were star-struck. They’re so pleased, Dennis, that the party allowed you to make a speech, as if they actually believed any of your demands had even the slightest chance of being met.

Wake up, Dennis, and ask whether this party will stop the wars, all of them. Will they recompense the displaced and dispossessed of New Orleans? Or punish felons in government? Or promise food, shelter, and health care for all? Or restrain corporate political power? Or end the brutal oppression and exploitation of the poor by the rich? Or find out what really happened on 9/11/2001?

Wake up, Dennis, and ask whether this fat, happy crowd, browsing at the buffet tables of notorious international racketeers like ATT and Coca-Cola, really cares what ordinary people want. Do they care about peace, justice, and principle, or are they just out for a good time?