Blowing in the Post-911 WindAugust 28th, 2007

What’s still in the air six years after 9/11?  Asbestos fibers and poison dust are raised with every breeze, and the atmosphere is saturated with public discontent and a general feeling of justice undone.  Survivors of the New York attack got some money but no trial.  The biggest crime in the history of the city, and nobody prosecuted.  And with all physical evidence of the crime obliterated, it’s impossible ever to know what really happened. 

People claim to believe the cover story, but that’s just so that they don’t have to deal with a painful reality: that their own government either allowed the attacks to happen or was complicit in them.  The evidence points unequivocally to government complicity.  Advance warnings were ignored.  Air defenses were grounded.  The hijackers were known to the government.  Concrete-and-steel skyscrapers don’t collapse because of fire.  Critical evidence was destroyed at the direction of the government.  The commission convened by the government to investigate the attacks intentionally failed to ascertain key facts and question key witnesses. 

Public confusion about the events of 9/11 has been profitable for some.  Since there is no coherent account of the events, the public is privileged to believe what it likes.  If you want to believe that Saddam Hussein did it, you may.  If you prefer to believe that Israel did it, that’s fine, too.  Osama bin Laden?  Why not?  The war industry, the homeland security industry, the election industry, the finance industry, and the rest of our owners don’t care what people believe, as long as they’re scared.  If they’re confused about threats to their personal security, that scares them, and they’re primed for exploitation. 

Public confusion also explains the proliferation of alarms warning of an impending “false-flag” operation.  This is an attack on one’s own forces under the flag of a purported enemy, meant to afford a pretext for war.  Some writers are predicting another attack along the lines of 9/11, staged by our government to be blamed on Iran, so that our leaders will have a rationale to drop bombs there.  And maybe call off the election of 2008. 

If there are plans for such an operation, we probably won’t see them.  We could have deduced such plans from the events of 9/11, but we didn’t, and now it’s too late to prove anything conclusively.  What we should learn from 9/11 is to point fingers early, so that the guilty parties can be brought to account.  A country is attacked within its own borders, and its leaders pay no price, but are instead given additional powers?  In all his travels, Lemuel Gulliver never saw such utter foolishness. 

If our government does pull another 9/11, I hope we won’t sit and cry about it.  I hope we’ll arm ourselves and mobilize to bring the wrongdoers to account.  If we have to converge on Washington with cudgels and pickaxes, I hope we’ll be prepared to do that.  Some of us may be gassed and some of us may be shot, but our nation is in grave danger, and it will be destroyed if we do nothing, as we can see now if we open our eyes.