Scribblers in the DumpsJanuary 11th, 2008

It will be a miracle if the writers’ strike actually gains the workers anything. They’re pathetic. Their signs are pathetic. Picketers used to carry big signs saying, “Colt Firearms: Unfair” They’d have a fire in a barrel on the street, and they were rugged and resolved. This group is an orderly queue of delicate white guys with diminutive paper signs proclaiming “WGAE on Strike” Against whom? Over what? Who cares? You want to say you’re striking Disney or Saturday Night Live, you have to scribble it in with your marker, where there’s no room for it. Writers’ union, indeed.

In the meantime, strikebreakers like Letterman, bearing some special dispensation that the rank and file are compelled to recognize, cross the picket line in full view of the general public. The news writers, who have the same job, are allowed to cross the line without interference, so that Today can go on but Tonight can’t. Who decided to bend the union over like that? Who decided to edit out the names of the employers from picketers’ signs? Union leaders? The networks? You call this a strike? Is there a writer out there who’s as riled by all this as I am?