Window on DesperationNovember 29th, 2007

My window looks out on a church parking lot, and I was gazing in that direction yesterday while the Foodshare truck was parked there.  The line for provisions was alarmingly long, with quite a few children waiting alongside their parents.  I don’t know how people shop in such a line, whether they get to ask for what they need or just take what’s offered, but they weren’t walking away with much, a bag or two. 

I’d like to know more about the conditions that force people to stand in line in the cold for food they can’t afford.  I could go and ask, and then write about it here, but it’s more of an intrusion than I’m willing to make.  Channel 3 tells me the scores of all the games, but I don’t get weekly numbers on how many people in my neighborhood can’t afford food.  Channel 30 doesn’t tell me the average income per household in my part of Hartford or how it compares with the same figure for this time last year or for neighborhoods a few blocks away.  The Courant thinks I’m not interested to know how many months the average family struggles to put food on the table before somebody finds work, but I am.   CPTV is on hand for gallery openings but not when a family goes hungry. 

If we had a bit more insight into the wretched conditions that bring people to the Foodshare truck, maybe we could come up with ways to relieve those afflicted by them, people like us, as I can see from my window.