Neocrats OK Fascist AGNovember 9th, 2007

Senate Democrats Charles Schumer, Diane Feinstein, and four others teamed up with the entire Republican caucus to subvert the rule of law yesterday by appointing an openly fascist lawyer to serve as attorney general. Michael Mukasey, former federal judge and confidant of mobster-mayor Rudolph Giuliani, had testified that he would not be enforcing laws meant to restrain the executive branch of government from holding people without legal process and torturing them during their imprisonment.

Besides Feinstein and Schumer, who shepherded their kinsman’s nomination through the Senate Judiciary Committee, Democrats Evan Bayh, Mary Landrieu, Tom Carper, and Ben Nelson cast votes for Mukasey. All remain in good standing with their party, though they differed, ostensibly, with leader Harry Reid, who voted with the minority against the nomination. It’s a big tent, the Democratic party, with the people crowded at the edges and the leaders gathered around the trough at the center. They may disagree on such trivial issues as the sanctity of the rule of law, but they all feed at the same buffet. Noted Judeo-terrorist Joe Lieberman, who claims fealty to no party and no nation, voted with the majority. Presidential candidates Obama, Clinton, Dodd, and Biden were allowed to miss the vote, which couldn’t have happened without and wink and a nod from Reid.

The Senate’s mission–to preserve the illusion of a government of laws and not of thugs–was accomplished. Mukasey will bring no wrongdoers to account. He will now be able to give his full attention to the prosecution of donors to Muslim charities and critics of our various military adventures. We should probably assume that Kucinich will be carted off to jail at some point. Maybe that will convince him to put some distance between himself and the corrupt party he seeks to lead.