Embedded Mass Media Unflagging in Support for OutlawNovember 6th, 2007

We have been told repeatedly by the embedded mass media that the approval of Michael Mukasey as attorney general is “virtually assured,” “a substantial certainty,” or otherwise in the bag. The reporters never tell you by what means they know this. They happen to be the same reporters who thought a war in Iraq would be a cakewalk and who assured New Orleans that the city had dodged a bullet, and so I hope I’ll be forgiven for demanding some provenance.

I don’t believe that the reporters have polled senators, and so I can only conclude that their pronouncements of certainty are passed on second-hand from unnamed people in the know. My experience with people in the know is that their anonymous reports are not to be trusted. They leak information to manipulate public opinion, not to inform it. Reporters who pass on the morsels tossed out by professional gossip-mongers are mere tools.

You have to wonder about the ethics of the folks who do this sort of reporting. They know that prediction and prognostication are not fact. They know that “analysis” of the future is so much bunk. Over at National Public Radio, where expressions of certainty about events that haven’t happened yet are the regular fare, Hillary has the nomination nailed down, America and Israel will prevail in the world (eventually), and everything will be OK. And that’s the news for today, and now lets get down to some quirky observations on pet ownership, sports, and hip-hop. Nobody seems to be embarassed about all this, but everyone must be. As for important events that have happened and are happening: Don’t ask. Don’t tell.

Is it madness to think that somebody might want to manipulate public opinion on the appointment of this particular nominee? His own testimony betrays him as an in-your-face fascist, an outlaw of the first water. Could Democrats (who hold the majority in the Senate, which must approve Mukasey) really be poised to approve him? If so, which Democrats? Presumably, the reporters know, but they won’t tell.

I don’t believe they know anything of the kind. I think the reporters are willing dupes in a highly organized campaign to manipulate public opinion. This attorney general must be confirmed in order to guarantee the tenure of the criminally culpable parties that populate our government at this nadir of American history, when free citizens wage war for gain, torture prisoners, and abandon the rule of law. Our leaders are ruthless and dangerous racketeers, they occupy positions in every branch of government at every level, and they have the power to end the career of anybody, including journalists, teachers, law enforcement officers, bureaucrats, elected officials, you, me and anybody else that would dare to stand in the way.

I don’t believe Mukasey’s confirmation is assured. In fact, I can’t believe that 50 senators will dare to allow another criminal to run the Justice Department. Maybe NPR can make it happen if they all wish hard enough and keep hiding facts from the public, but Mukasey belongs in a secure facility, not a government law office, and the Senate can’t fail to notice that. If the members confirm him, they must be reckoned, even at NPR, as the most corrupt senate since the fall of Rome.