Turkey on House MenuOctober 17th, 2007

Are they merely pandering to Armenian-Americans in a few key states, or are House Dems really trying to sabotage the president’s military adventure by impairing his relations with Turkey, one of his first-tier facilitators? Turks threaten to interrupt U. S. access to their air and land if Congress issues a condemnation of Turkey’s treatment of Armenians while Europe was busy with World War I.

Giving official recognition to an atrocity committed by people that have been dead for 50 years is not going to do much to improve Americans’ quality of life, and the sanctimony of the whole exercise, coming as it does from public officials who have personally reduced two countries to rubble for no reason, is enough to make you gag.

It can’t be that the Democrats (along with their loyal acolytes in the embedded mass media) are unaware that the move to condemn the Ottoman Empire comes a bit late for the people of the USA. We have worries more immediate than the events of 1915, a bloody year the world over, and our own history as a champion of human rights is spotty. Three hundred years of black slavery and the extermination of the indigenous peoples of a vast continent may disqualify us to pronounce on the genocides of others.

If the purpose of this empty resolution is to damage relations with Turkey and thus deny Bush a staging area for operations in Iraq, it’s not a sound or reliable way to end the occupation. The way to end the occupation is the way we ended the occupation of Vietnam: by cutting off the money. If 218 Dems in the House or 51 Dems in the Senate refuse to vote for money to continue the occupation, the occupation will end promptly.

Passing futile measures provoking Turkey to play hardball with Bush is a corrupt and dangerous course, and Dems should be held accountable for it.