Second PlaceOctober 7th, 2016

The embedded mass media have decreed the results of the 2016 presidential election, and they have let us know that any effort to thwart their plan is doomed to fail. In a few weeks, the Clintons will prepare to move back into the White House and the Republican candidate, as second-highest vote-getter, will return to his business in New York City. The Libertarian and Green Party candidates will receive a few “protest” votes and will be forgotten within days.

The media narrative conflicts with the expectations of the Green Party candidate and her entourage. They believe there is a substantial proportion of voters who foresee a continuation of corrupt government with either the Democrat or the Republican and are determined to cast a vote consistent with conscience. The media tell us this is a tiny minority, but their bias is blatant and they’re not embarrassed to let it show. Nobody knows how strong this voting bloc is.

What we do know is that the mass media are committed to a Clinton victory and are doing everything they can to see that it is secured. To hear the newspapers and news readers tell it, there is one issue and that issue is Trump. He’s rotten. How rotten is he? Twice as rotten as he was yesterday. And dangerous. Want to compare him to a mass murderer? Fine. Even the candidate seems to agree. The character he plays on TV is a textbook psycho, with not the slightest resemblance to somebody who wants to win an election.

Character assassination is indispensable in this election because the Democrats’ nominee is also a person of low character, an architect of the permanent state of war that afflicts our nation and the principal defender of the sexual predator who defiled the office she now seeks. She’s not a likeable person.

That leaves us with a challenging confluence of circumstances. There’s a bunch of voters–we don’t know how many–who reject both major party candidates for a variety of reasons. There’s a campaign of unprecedentedly vicious character assassination against the Republican candidate, who seems to be taking a dive. The Democrat will win, but she is poorly tolerated, and many voters can’t hold their noses tightly enough to choose her. Why, under these peculiar circumstances, shouldn’t the Green Party expect to take second place in this election?

If the Greens were to strive for second place, it could remove the “spoiler” label that the mass media like to hang on minor-party voters. These voters would consider the minuscule risk of a Trump presidency to be worth the effort to overtake him and deal a powerful blow to the right wing he and his opponent represent. Maybe it’s time for the Tea Party and its Republican affiliates to become the third party. It would take lots of voters to accomplish that, but they are out there. We saw them pack the rallies for Sanders. Why shouldn’t Greens contest the Clintons for these votes? Don’t principled people owe that to each other?

And what if Trump wins? Trump is not going to win. He doesn’t want to win. It would cost him a bundle if he won this election. He would have to quit acquiring assets and abandon his businesses. Plus, when the Clintons return to Washington, they will owe Trump a huge debt for making himself a candidate, and they will be in a position to pay handsomely. He’ll have a good laugh over this election, and it will be at the voters’ expense. It’s pretty clear that he’s used every conceivable tactic to lose this election, and for good reason. You want to take the smirk off Trump’s face? Make him come in third.