One Time OnlyMarch 17th, 2016

Of those who have been invited to take advantage of the opportunity offered by Bernard Sanders, a majority have so far declined. It’s unfortunate, because his offer has been to lead a revolution, a task that he and only he is qualified to undertake. With the possible exception of George Washington, no other person has ever risen to power in the USA along the path he’s followed, strictly on strength of character, and we are not likely to see a replacement for the 74-year-old anytime soon. 

He has been selling social justice throughout his adult life, and he has built a political movement around an agenda that, 60 years ago, could have landed him in prison as a Communist. Courage of conviction doesn’t often get a candidate elected, but he’s used it to win elections against Republicans and Democrats combined, the only senator who can claim that distinction. He has stood alone, on principle, time and time again. Struggling against the political tide is widely considered a disqualification for high office, but Sanders has somehow managed to overcome conventional wisdom. Nobody has won tougher elections than Sanders, and, in living memory, none has done it by dedication to social justice.

As he has implied repeatedly, he can’t succeed without the participation of the majority, and  the majority has opted not to take part. Too bad, because the USA is not likely to get an opportunity like this again: a principled social justice advocate who knows how to win elections steps forward to lead. He’s an old man, and nobody else can do what he’s done, but we’re simply not ready to take him up on his offer. We won’t get another chance.