We Tortured Some Folks?August 3rd, 2014

When Obama said, “We tortured some folks,”  he didn’t have to add, “and we’re OK with that.”  He did mention that when he took office, he banned the interrogation practices in question, but he didn’t mention that these practices were already prohibited by law and were crimes when they were committed.

You might think an officer charged with seeing that the laws are faithfully executed would make some reference to legal accountability when accusing government officials of heinous crimes, but Obama didn’t.  No mention of justice at all.  People did wrong, he admitted, and it was torture, but these “folks” were under a lot of pressure.   He seems to think we’re all better off not knowing just what these “folks” did.

You were probably surprised to hear that the torture was your fault, but that’s what Obama told the news people.  He said all of us have to take responsibility for it.  Even if we were against it.  Even if we didn’t know about it.   Instead of having the penalties fall on the people who actually committed the felonious acts, we all get to pay for them.  It’s a new kind of justice, and it seems to be catching on.

You have to wonder how Obama’s near-apology is being received in other parts of the world.   Most Americans aren’t aware that large numbers of people get upset about torture and want torturers brought to justice and punished severely.  In some countries, they have laws that punish torture wherever it’s done.  These countries usually withhold prosecution until they’re sure justice won’t be done in the country where the torturers are. Pretty sure they can go ahead with their prosecutions now.