YFIYSSJuly 3rd, 2013

My upcoming book, You Fucking Idiot!  You Stupid Shit!, is a compendium of 21st Century inanity.  I’ve taken to abbreviating the title, which turns out to be a fitting response to most of the stuff I witness from day to day, from petty episodes of foolishness to the wholesale abandonment of values and standards by vast swaths of humanity.  

Whether I’m driving or listening to the radio or watching TV with my grandchildren, I keep the expression at the ready.  I need it all the time.  Instead of my ordinary profanity, which is mere expletive, YFIYSS is a paradigm.  It explains everything.  It doesn’t make things any better, but it’s useful as a palliative.

Got a problem understanding why people get all worked up over their favorite sports team but couldn’t give a crap about the honesty or decency of their leaders?  YFIYSS.   No need to fret over why a motorist risks life and limb to gain a car length on you.    YFIYSS.  Maybe you wonder how two skyscrapers could be demolished in New York with people in them and the guys who did it walking the street.  YFIYSS.  I say “depression,” but the embedded mass media say “recovery,” and people seem to believe them.  YFIYSS.

Television emerges as the principal culprit in tne dumbing-down.  The programming is for idiots.  The ads treat you like a moron.  It’s embarassing to be caught in front of a TV.  What’s on says everthing about the audience.  Television has put us in a reeking stupor, so that we can’t distinguish what’s real.  We abandoned a whole system of useful values in favor of “I’m worth it” and “Win/Win” and the rest of the ersatz principles that infect television.  YFIYSS.

It would be impossible to document every moronic move made by every person, and so I’ve had to confine this book to only the most grievous idiocies.  Even at that, YFIYSS is running to about 250 volumes, and the inanities keep on coming.  Obviously, the book’s not quite ready for the printer.