Collateral Damage in NewtownDecember 15th, 2012

The fact that can’t be mentioned in discussions of the rampage in Newtown, Connecticut, yesterday is its similarity to events in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Gaza, where children are killed in violent attacks with some regularity. The big difference is that the Newtown murders shock us, while the murders in distant lands are hardly noticed. There are no vigils for the babies incinerated by American bombs and bullets. On the contrary, voters and the embedded mass media gave systematic slaughter a ringing endorsement only a few weeks ago.

Nobody seems to have noticed that the violence we embrace so heartily when it kills little brown children far away–what we so coldly label “collateral damage”–is no less bloody than what happened in Newtown. When life is cheap, as it is in today’s Judeo-Christian ethic, events of this kind are inevitable.

If you’re sickened by the thought of dead babies strewn about, you should be livid with rage when your president and baby-killer-in-chief mouths words of sympathy for the survivors. He and his supporters have transformed all of us into monsters, and we have a hell of a nerve pretending that these murders are any different or more upsetting than what we do as a matter of national policy. It’s not gun control that’s needed here, but the restoration of moral values, beginning with the condemnation and punishment of our murderous leaders.