Roll On, Columbia!September 27th, 2007

University presidents don’t run universities. They raise money. The principal task of a university president is to increase the financial holdings of his school. He lobbies legislators, hits up alumni, entertains rich people, and applies the goodwill of the institution he represents as his donors may command. Lower-level administrators take care of the actual running of the school. The president runs errands for boosters.

That’s why Lee Bollinger’s caustic remarks should come as no surprise. He’s the university president who attacked Columbia University’s invited speaker, the president of Iran, in an epithet-laced introduction worthy of a lynch mob. The assembled mob responded appropriately.

Bollinger’s misconduct is understandable when we consider that he is a parasite whose first allegiance is to the privileged imperial aristocrats who feed him. You can be sure he kissed all manner of butt to get where he is, and he did what lackeys always do: subordinated principle to the will of his masters. His masters have decreed that we shall have a war against Iran, and they wrote Bollinger’s script for this occasion. We should be grateful that the world got a whiff of this low creature in all his fetid glory.