Assassin NationMay 3rd, 2012

Charles Manson claimed he was acting for the good of humanity when he unleashed his young killers on innocents.  He told his followers they were touching off a revolution that would make the world a better place for them, and that the sacrifice of a few worthless lives was justified in view of the objective.  It’s the same reason Obama uses to justify mass murder, and the same tactic, too.  He’s got us killing worthless people to keep our system functioning.  Like Manson’s “family” members, Obama’s mouthpieces, officials like John Brennan, brag about his commitment as an assassin.

It’s hard to believe that either man has a following, but both have enjoyed enthusiastic support, Manson corrupting a fairly small number and Obama corrupting a nation.  Violence in the light of day, violence for public consumption, violence of the kind practiced by Obama’s minions and Manson’s is the ultimate means of social control.  More efficient than religion, more powerful than law, bloodshed frightens and inspires all at once.  The audience for violent entertainment is bigger than ever, and most people expect their police and military to resort to violence as a matter of routine.  Violence is now a cherished social institution.

To qualify for national office, a candidate must express his willingness to engage in aggressive warfare, unilaterally, on sound intelligence or rumor, anywhere in the world, with or without the consent of the people.  We give our government a license to commit mass murder and we expect our leaders to kill.  If polls are to be credited, most of my neighbors are in favor of assassination, even assassination by remote control.  Our president admits he engages in assassination that kills innocents along with the designated targets, and he is beloved by millions of ordinary people.  He would almost certainly lose his job if he suddenly discontinued his war policy or his assassination policy.

It could be fear or it could be prozac, but something is making us insensible to the utter venality of our conduct.  What if we’re brought to account for this? The UN could suddenly discover international law.  Our own children and grandchildren could realize what we’ve done and calculate the consequences our mischief must eventually produce for them. Given the future that seems to be unfolding, they may be feeling those consequences already.

On Grave Defilement Day 50 or 60 years from now, when Obama is a bitter memory, people will pay admission to piss on today’s leaders.  The tab for our wars, spills, waste, mismanagement and general corruption will have long since bankrupted our survivors, and the outlook will be as bleak as Dickens’ worst nightmare.  We can deduce this future from our present degraded state, manifest in our thirst for the blood of infidels as expressed in the election rhetoric of our leaders.  So low have we descended that there is no hope of redemption for us.  Our legacy will be suffering and disintegration.