Iran at BayNovember 19th, 2011

It’s pretty clear by now that Iran needs either its own atomic bomb or the protection of another nuclear-armed nation to defend itself from Israel and its surrogate the United States of America. Statements coming from the two countries justify an inference that both are prepared to launch a nuclear first strike on Iran. Obama claims he is “not taking any options off the table,” and his boss Netanyahu has been even more aggressive in his rhetoric.

Any responsible person advising the Iranian government would recommend a deterrent. What we call “international law” provides no deterrent, and neither do morals or ethics. Religious fanaticism of the sort practiced by Judeochristians, now ruling Israel and the US, doesn’t recognize laws or moral strictures. Nothing short of a nuclear warhead can be assured of restraining these two rogue governments, which have proved their capacity for mass murder again and again.

Fortunately, the people of both countries are consummate cowards and not equal to a threat of nuclear retaliation. Perhaps Russia, which has a border with Iran, will pledge its deterrent. Or maybe China. But if no nation will rise in Iran’s defense, it will have to provide its own deterrent. Withholding the oil won’t do it.

That the people of the United States don’t care to get into another war–and don’t seem to care about much of anything else either–is of no consequence. In the 21st Century, as in the 20th, war is a pursuit of national leaders. The only role of the people is to supply the bodies. Wave a flag in front of us, and we Americans can be relied on to sacrifice other people’s kids to the cause of Israel and Exxon. “Thank you for your service,” we say, by way of apology.

Don’t look for a debate about any of this on the evening news. Gossip and shopping hints are the only welcome fare for most news-consumers, and customer satisfaction is the name of the game among neojournalists. Debating war and peace is boring and makes people change the channel. Instead of NBC’s Viagra ads they might tune in ABC’s Celebrex promotions.

If Americans were forced to attend to current events, they might put themselves in the place of Iranians. Imagine being threatened continually with violence from above. “Do Christians and Jews attack without warning?,” your kids might ask. “What kind of religions are these that allow the faithful to make such threats? Should we trust them not to kill us, or should we build weapons to scare them off?” Should they?