Predator at Three O’ClockOctober 3rd, 2011

I’m a little worried. This American our president ordered incinerated in Yemen seems to have been guilty of harsh invective. I’m also guilty of harsh invective, and so I’m wondering whether I should be expecting to get “taken out” some time soon. 

I’m not sure what exactly Anwar Al-Awlaki has been saying–I wouldn’t believe anybody who claimed to know–but if he’s been accusing the leaders of our country of mass murder, I’ve done that. If he’s been saying that we–being participants in a democratic republic–are all complicit in the killing, I’ve said that. If he’s argued that there are no innocent grown-up Americans, I’ve made that argument. If he’s claimed that the crimes of 9/11 were trivial by comparison with the subsequent misconduct of the United States government, I’ve made that claim. I’ve even gone so far as to contend that our nation’s actions over the past ten years prove that the USA deserved what happened to it on 9/11.

As a veteran of the armed forces and a comrade of the GI’s that serve today, I can’t bring myself to say that they should be attacked wherever in the world they wage war, but I can’t say I don’t believe that. If that’s what the dead man was saying, I can certainly understand his reasoning.

I don’t think I should die for opposing the USA. On the contrary, I’m altogether certain that justice will eventually be visited on us, and that the sooner we clean up our act, the better. Writing invective is my part of that mission. I’m out to save the nation. I’d rather have the retribution now, against us who deserve it, than to have the consequences of our murderous conduct spoil the lives of my grandchildren. Awlaki should have been heeded, not killed. If he was demonstrating the utter amorality of the USA and hollering that a nation run at the pleasure of fat, pill-popping violence buffs should be put out of business by any means possible, he was a truth-teller, and his death puts our rehabilitation further out of reach. You might want to ask Obama not to kill me for saying so.