Believe Your EyesJuly 18th, 2011

We’re just short of the ten-year mark, and the unsolved mystery of the century remains censored out of your local newsrag. It’s taboo to talk about unanswered questions surrounding the events of 9/11/2001, and this means we have to forget the dead, too.

Unsatisfactory as the news blackout is for the victims and their survivors, it works out nicely for the deluded masses. This is because they’re not really deluded: they know the truth but it hurts too much to acknowledge. Their faith–like most faith, probably–is pretense, even transparent pretense. Their suspension of disbelief is delicate, creating a problem for culpable government and media. People might eventually believe their eyes, and the evidence that will ultimately bring them to consciousness must be suppressed, anniversary or no anniversary. That’s why you won’t see much video of the buildings coming down. The video itself is an indictment, and reasoned discourse about it, which would naturally accompany any airing, must be avoided at all costs.

Modern technology makes it possible for us to confirm the breadth and depth of the censorship. Search the Internet for references to 9/11 in newspapers, on television or radio, or even in the left-leaning blogs that dot the Web. You will find almost nothing about the events of that day. Plenty on peripheral matters like the shape and size of the memorial and the Islamic center going up in the neighborhood, but nothing in the mass media on what actually happened.

No questions are raised about any of it. Looking for an update or reconsideration of the 9/11 commission report? Forget about it. Interviews with those present in the bunker with Richard Cheney a few minutes before the Pentagon was struck, confirming (or not) that he had advance knowledge of the event? Not going to happen. Analysis of the video, which shows buildings coming down in free-fall, violating the laws of physics? Don’t hold your breath waiting for that conversation. Discussion of what happened to the third building that collapsed that day and maybe a public airing of the landlord’s on-camera admission that he had the building demolished? Not yet, and not ever. Discussion of the mayor’s culpability for death and disability among rescue and cleanup workers? Not to be talked about. Scientists last year found tiny chips of undetonated explosives– manufactured, demolition-grade material–in dust collected by near neighbors of the World Trade Center on that day. You won’t find any mention of that finding in any paper.

What accounts for the absence of even a single report reviewing the actual events of that day in the New York Times, Washington Post, New York News, CBS, Wall St. Journal, NPR, Democracy Now, Huffington Post, Common Dreams? Bill Moyers won’t touch the subject with a ten-foot pole. Noam Chomsky still blames bad Arabs, but he won’t explain how the buildings came down. Nader wants a new investigation but won’t discuss details. It looks too much like systematic censorship to be mere coincidence.

I don’t take people seriously anymore if I find out they believe the official conspiracy theory. All of their opinions are suspect. Want to tell me how to fix the economy? First tell me what you believe happened on 9/11. Want to recommend a book or advise me why bombing Libya was a good idea (or a bad one)? Tell me first whether you believed your eyes when you saw the World Trade Center demolished by explosives.

Nine-eleven denial is a mental illness that ought to be assigned its own diagnostic code. I suspect most of the excess armchair violence, Prozac popping, and compulsive eating and drinking we see in the new millennium has its origin in this disorder. PTD: post-traumatic denial. Seeing ain’t believing.