SchlepocracyMay 31st, 2010

Who else thinks BP should be disqualified to make decisions about how to stop the gusher in the Gulf of Mexico? Here’s a company that has a responsibility to its investors to maximize profits. Doesn’t this create a potential conflict of interests for the BP officials who must deal with the deluge?

If you’ve had a look at pictures of the installation that failed a mile underwater, you see a series of members bolted together, maybe 50 feet tall, topped by a partially crimped pipe that angles off toward the bottom when it ought to be pointing straight up. Suppose there were a method of collapsing the pipe or isolating the assembly that would make the oil in that reservoir permanently inaccessible to BP. Would BP consider that course, even if it had a 90% chance of succeeding? Do you see the potential for conflict here? If independent engineers and scientists were making decisions about how to stop the flow, they might worry less about the value of the oil being lost than someone who actually owns that oil.

This logic could not have escaped Barack Obama and his minions. Their claim that only BP has the resources to shut off the flow is mockery. Even the dumbest of us knows better than to entrust an emergency to the guys who created it.

Or not. We plotted a dangerous course when we set out to make ourselves dumb enough to believe what’s on TV without becoming too dumb to carry out the obligations of citizenship. This event will test whether there’s anything left of American ingenuity.

All indications are that we’re as helpless as lambs and as clueless as the hacks who populate government and the media. The networks and newspapers give us plenty of BP-bashing and similar gossip, but nothing from scientists or engineers or smart people of any kind on how to stop the leak, where the oil has gone so far, how much might come out, where it will go, just what harm it will do, how much it would cost if the spill were stopped now and how much it will cost each day it continues.

The media and government won’t tell us the names of the racketeers that let this happen, and we can expect them to wait till Obama’s popularity falls below 50% a couple of weeks from now before they start talking about his accountability. Depend on the media and government not to call for a temporary halt to expensive military adventures so we can tend to our precious waters.

Do they take us for idiots? No question about that. Are we idiots?
The gusher in the Gulf will tell us one way or another. History could record that the future of humanity was entrusted to fat, stupid, pretty folk who did as people like that usually do.