ThugocracyMay 28th, 2010

We take it for granted that government service is a perquisite of the politically-connected. So maybe we shouldn’t be surprised to hear that two of our chief executives, the current resident and one of his predecessors, conspired to offer a high-status government post to a potential challenger to one of their political allies. The fact that two presidents were willing to do this doesn’t make the practice any less corrupt.

Here’s the offer that was made to Pennsylvania Congressman Joseph Sestak by Bill Clinton on behalf of Barack Obama: Quit your challenge to incumbent Pub-turned-Crat Senator Arlen Spector, and you can come to work for the President Himself.

 Sestak says he cut Clinton short before the conversation got into details, but the appointment would have been to an unspecified federal advsory committee, a politically prized prestige-enhancer among members of Congress.

This sort of bargain is bad for government. It populates the upper echelons with unprincipled people, and it puts these people under the control of outside agents. It undermines any sense of a team effort among government workers and their bosses, and it demoralizes everyone. It’s unprofessional, it’s become the rule of government–regardless of party–and presidents do it in concert, clandestinely. In this case, two branches of government and two houses of Congress were corrupted.

Does anybody doubt any longer that our esteemed leaders are thugs? Does anybody still believe the national economy or the global ecology can survive long under this corrupt regime?